Canvas painting is my newest skill learned.  I have become addicted to it as much as the other types of painting I have done.  Canvas painting would be the best choice for you if you like to change scenery often.  If you have me paint a baby's room, that is great for a mural because the child can enjoy it for many years. As they get older, their tastes change and that is when you can do things like canvas, or continue with murals, depending on if they like changing things up often.  
     Tole painting is painting on wood.  This was how my love for painting began.  If you find a wooden piece you'd like something painted on, I would love to do that for you.  Many people like yard decorations or home decorations for holidays, or decorative containers, plates, or signs.  There are many wooden objects ready for painting!
     Once we decide on what you'd like me to do, I will collect a $50 payment at that time for beginning supplies.