Mural painting is wonderful! The way I like to work with murals is for you to have the idea of what you want.  Some people have pictures for me of what they want, some have drawn a simple picture of what they want, or others just tell me and we search for pictures together.  I have also drawn up a sketch, if there are multiple pictures, that need to be put together for what the full mural will look like.  
    When I begin the painting, please know that the picture happens in stages.  Some people panic when they see the base coat. They don't like the color, or it doesn't look like they thought it would.  The final mural will look how you like it, but it takes 
shading, and blending of colors.  It will be what you want.
     Please note, that if you add things to the mural as I am painting, those additions will increase the cost of your original mural fee. Once you've decided to hire me, I will collect $100 payment for beginning supplies.