When I learned that Michele was going into business, I insisted on being one of her first customers. Inspired by the unique Sonora Desert, Michele created a striking piece of art work for us! 
It was such a pleasure to work with Michele! She began by listening to our wants and ideas. Then the creativity began! Michele first created a sketch and discussed colors with us. She also suggested a few of her own ideas, which made the final mural even more appealing. At one point as Michele worked on our mural, my husband asked her if she could add something to it. Michele was gracious even though she had already started the mural and successfully added the roadrunner making it look like it was part of the original design.  Michele sought our opinion every step of the way. The final mural is so much more than we had envisioned! The details throughout the mural are amazing especially the hummingbird and roadrunner. We are extremely pleased with it! 
Since the mural has been completed, everyone who sees it is astonished by its beauty and loves it! If you are thinking about hiring Michele to do a piece of art work, we highly recommend her!       Nancy